boho rainbow party cake topper

How to make a Boho Rainbow Cake Topper

New Video! Learn how to make this cute rainbow-shaped cake topper step-by-step!

Materials: Rainbow print, scissors, wooden toothpick, double-sided tape or hot glue, hole punch, and wool
Step 1: Cut out the rainbow - (SEE IT HERE)
Step 2: Make 5 holes at the bottom of the rainbow, about the same distance apart
Step 3: Glue the wooden toothpick with the double glue tape or hot glue
Step 4: Cut 10 pieces of wool, about 12 cm each, fold in half to go through the little hole and then pass the ends through the loop
Step 5: And that's it, now just put it on the cake! 🎂 
como fazer um topo de bolo arco iris boho
topo de bolo arco iris
Cute and quite simple isn't it? :) Show me how yours turned out!

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